About Us

What is Fitnessda and for what reason do we as a whole do it

Who are we

Fitnessda  is a distribution for the individuals who need to show signs of improvement consistently.

We talk about everything that improves life, answer complex inquiries in an open way, help the peruser take care of issues, and make regular day to day existence significant.

We love sports, wellbeing and travel, talk about connections and funds, don’t scorn movies and books, expound on the most recent in innovation, gadgets and valuable projects, share beneficial advancements, limits and handy tips for all everyday issues.


Right the defect of the world and make the life of the peruser better: answer questions, take care of issues, propel, move, expand your viewpoints, instruct, engage. We need our peruser to burrow further, see better, and see what’s to come.

We are against waste and a wide range of harmfulness, addictions and time eaters, lack of education and eagerness, edifices and inactivity, groups and grayness. Our call is to see more, think more extensive, live more, love more splendid, run quicker, dream bolder.


The reason for each article in the AH is to respond to every conceivable inquiry on the theme and not incite new fruitless wordings. In our writings there is no water (colossal portrayals that don’t convey a semantic burden), pseudoscience, terms that make it hard to comprehend and obscure to Google, separated from reality tips.

What we are not expounding on

We overlook governmental issues, episodes, the stage, religion, pro athletics, informal proclamations, charges before appropriation, nothing extraordinary occasions. No obscenities, promulgation of smoking, liquor or medications, impelling clashes, just as anything that is disallowed by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation or may hurt the peruser.

Publication approach

Our distribution has its very own publication guidelines, as indicated by which we work. Every one of them are portrayed in detail in our publication approach . Get enlivened, learn, use for good. When citing or reproducing, make certain to incorporate a connect to the first.